Alex Calver has broken out in the poetry scene almost as gradually as he's figured out his identity; slowly at first, and then all at once. Starting in slam poetry, Alex has competed against some of the country's best young poets and even, on occasion, won. He's taken this success to mean that he's finally found something he's good at, and has since worked on giving back to the community that helped him so much.

Starting up his own event, Poetry+, in April 2018, Alex has consistently attempted to push the boundaries of what spoken word is, and what can be done with it. Moving away from the Slam style that he grew so accustomed to, Alex's work explores the intricacies of identity, relationships and belonging, and the causes and effects of mental health and LGBTQ+ issues.


Alex is a member of the London Queer Writer's Collective, competed as part of Bath Spa's UniSlam Team for two consecutive years, and is currently working on a show which he aims to debut at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, depicting the destructive cyclical nature of the "tortured artist" identity.


His status as a trans poet has been turning heads across the UK, through his performances at Edinburgh Fringe's acclaimed BBC Slam, Raise The Bar's Annual Showcase and, more recently, Grizzly Pear's 'Community' event where he collaborated with fellow trans poet, Mikey Barnes. Since graduating, he travelled to Austria with fellow spoken word poet and former lecturer Lucy English to assist in the teaching of seminars at the acclaimed European Forum Alpbach.


Alex is continuing to infiltrate the scene for his own benefit, finding a platform for activism through personal and narrative-led poetry. 



— Shaun Hill

Like an old man whispering to his house plants, Alex's gentle presence will guide your mind to the light.